McAwesome University. Eat it, Harvard.McAwesome University. McU. Harvard sucks.

Congratulations, seeker of knowledge. You are now visiting the home of one of the most progressive institutions of higher learning on the internet (and, let's face it, probably the world). The stunningly handsome gentleman at the right is University Founder Dave McAwesome. Say 'hi' to Dave. But don't wait for a 'hi' back. It's just a picture.

Thanks to lowered admissions standards, artificially inflated SAT scores and the general dumbing down of American students, once reputable college degrees are less than meaningless. The cost of a university diploma, unfortunately, has not followed the quality. Tuition prices are higher than ever. McAwesome University has been founded to combat the high costs of useless degrees. Our motto? Higher education at low, low prices. Pretty catchy, eh?

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